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  • Jonathan Ryan (Wednesday, January 24 18 09:48 am GMT)

    My Saab SID was fixed and returned in a few days. A professional service and one which I would definitely use again. The unit is like new.

  • Richard butler (Wednesday, September 27 17 03:20 pm BST)

    Jaguar clock repaired and returned to me recorded delivery. Great service . Thank you.

  • Paul Price (Friday, May 08 15 12:48 pm BST)

    Just got my display back today, it works just like new!

    Thanx for the speedy repair..

  • Howard J Smith. (Tuesday, February 24 15 11:18 am GMT)

    What an excellent service, both SID and ACC like new, good to be able to see what\'s going in the 9-5 at last. Highly recommended, Saabs need to be well looked after, they aren\'t making them any
    more :-(

  • Brian (Monday, November 24 14 10:40 am GMT)


    My ACC unit arrived today \'good as new\'. Congratulations on an excellent service.

    In addition to the satisfaction of \'Saving the Planet\' by avoiding the unnecessary scrapping of units that the manufacturers deem to be \'non-repairable\', I have also saved cash. Win Win!

    Having used your service 2 years ago for another car, I am delighted to find that the high standard of service continues. Keep up the great work!

  • Lee Taylor (Sunday, September 28 14 08:35 pm BST)

    Sidmaster replaced the screen on my Jaguar X300 clock (comon fault) great service, turnaround and clock still workinmg away - Jaguar owners dont hesitae get it repaired

  • Alan Mac (Tuesday, July 08 14 07:27 pm BST)

    Many thanks for the recent repair to my Saab 95 SID unit. Reinstalled and now works like new.
    Must thank you for the good removal advice and the very quick turn around.

  • Neil Titterrell (Thursday, May 08 14 02:50 pm BST)

    Brilliant service,SID unit works as new now. Very quick turn around.
    Will now get my A/C panel done.

  • Daren Pegg (Sunday, December 08 13 08:06 pm GMT)

    I contacted SIDMASTER after purchasing a BMW X5 with a cracked instrument visor and badly pixalated display.

    Damone was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, proving me with an option that did not mean spending £300 on a used cluster to strip for the screen.

    Service was super fast and the quality of the work is exceptionally high quality.

    I have no hesitation in recommending SIDMASTER.

  • Graeme Y (Friday, November 01 13 07:13 pm GMT)

    Hi Damone
    I have been meaning to send a big THANK YOU through for the repair of the SID and ACC Display units back in June.

    The displays have functioned perfectly after the repair and return. In fact there are symbols on the ACC we have never seen before from when we bought the SAAB back in 2005 from the main
    An Excellent repair.

    I would HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone who has problems with the SID and ACC displays.

    Thanks Again

  • Robert Murray (Monday, October 28 13 05:56 pm GMT)


    Thanks for your message yesterday all arrived safe and well. Installed to my car and working perfectly.

    Superb result and an incredibly fast turn round. I'm very pleased with your work.

    Kind regards


  • John Arkell (Monday, October 28 13 05:55 pm GMT)

    Hi Damone

    Many thanks for the SID that arrived this morning. Wonderful to see it working. Thanks for your expertise and work.


    John Arkell

  • Peter Vigrass (Thursday, October 17 13 02:35 pm BST)

    Hi Damone,

    Thanks for repairing both my SID's look and work like new, even the one I got from the srap yard that was totally wrecked looks and works like new..

    Thank You Very Much

  • Walter Cottier - Southport (Thursday, September 05 13 08:49 am BST)

    Got my SID back Wednesday morning. Only took seconds to reinstall, and works great. The display is crystal clear, don't know why I did'nt do it sooner.
    Excellent service. THANKS!

  • Bill Ruane (Tuesday, July 09 13 11:19 pm BST)

    My unit arrived just now , I've fitted it and it works perfectly thank you.
    Your turn around time is to be admired.
    Thanks again
    Bill Ruane

  • Ian Donaldson (Friday, June 28 13 09:04 pm BST)

    Hi Damone.

    Many thanks for the excellent price and very fast return of my SID unit, The repaired unit is so clear its unbelievable, previously it was either not working or only afew part pixels displaying and
    driving me crazy..

    Nice to have my car fully working and probably better than original.

    Once again many thanks and I will highly recommend your services to all..

    Kind Regards

    Ian Donaldson


  • Jörg Lehmann (Friday, June 28 13 09:03 pm BST)

    Dear Mr. Gough,
    thank you very much for a perfect execution. The LED looks really good.

    Best Regards
    Jörg Lehmann

  • Dave Howard (Friday, June 28 13 09:02 pm BST)

    Thanks very much just got my car back with replacement twice unit! No more "service theft alarm" great service, once again Thank You!

  • Malcolm Ward (Friday, June 28 13 09:01 pm BST)

    Hello Damone,

    I was amazed to have the clock returned to me yesterday (you must have turned it round in a day) & I fitted it back into my old Jag this morning.

    The clock is now working perfectly & its great to see the time again rather than a blank screen !!

    I have noticed that the clock now has a brighter green display than my climate control screen above it (as you had indicated it would due to the use of LED lighting) but this doesn't bother me at

    One would never know, unless one had seen it before, that Jaguar hadn't intended the clock display to be brighter in the first place.

    Thank you so much for a fantastic repair service.

    I will definitely recommend you to owners of similar cars as I think that most X300s will have this age related malfunction problem with their clocks by now.

    With kind regards


  • Graham Iles (Friday, June 28 13 07:50 pm BST)

    Hi Damone,

    Thank you very much, for extremely quick and efficient repair of my Saab Display, now back in the car, I am sure now better/clearer than original bearing in mind I have owned the car for 10 years+.

    Kind regards

  • Tony Marshall (Friday, June 28 13 07:48 pm BST)


    Both safely returned and installed the same day, excellent service, speedy turn round, great to have both panels up and working again and able to see what they display.

    I have to thank Kevin at St Davids Saab here in Exeter who recommended you. Says he puts a lot of business your way.



  • Andrew Young (Friday, June 28 13 07:47 pm BST)

    Hi Damone,

    The SID arrived today. It is now in the car and appears to be working fine. Although, it makes the LED's on the Air-con Unit look very Dim in Comparison, I may have to send that to you soon for a
    touch of your Magic.

    Again Thank you for your excellent service, I won't hesitate to recommend you

    Best Regards, Andrew

  • Erik Thomsen (Friday, June 28 13 07:46 pm BST)

    Hi Damone.

    Thanks for your mail, it was very fast, I would absolute recommend you to my "saab friends" :o)
    I look forward to getting it installed in my car.
    Have a great weekend.

    Kind regards -- Erik

  • Alan Edwards (Friday, June 28 13 07:45 pm BST)

    Good afternoon Damone

    Thanks a lot for the excellent and prompt service.

    I've had a long and boring battle with this but the Siren has been fitted for more than a week now, and incredibly no hiccups!

    Kind regards


  • Andy Sinclair (Friday, June 28 13 07:43 pm BST)

    Good morning Damone

    Just wanted to let you know that I have recieved my SID this morning and all is working fine. Makes a big difference to the car. I also wanted to say thank you for a fantastic service and mega quick
    turnaround. I will be recommending your service to friends and family.

    1st Class :0)

    Thanks again.

  • Bob McDonald (Friday, June 28 13 07:42 pm BST)

    Hi Damone, just like to thank you for a great service!! Excellent turn
    round as promised on your website, very good price & back in my car
    working 100%. Would definitely recommend you for a top job.

    Thanks again

    Best Regards,

  • Borislav (Friday, June 28 13 07:41 pm BST)

    Hi Damone,

    Yesterday I mounted the repaired panels. They are like new! Nice job!
    Function flawlessly. The car looks beautiful with them.
    The service is fast, accurate and recommend it to anyone in need of repair panels Saab.
    Worth every penny!
    Be healthy!
    Once again I say a big THANK YOU!

    Borislav from Sofia,Bulgaria

    Cheers Mate!

  • Danny Smith (Friday, June 28 13 07:40 pm BST)

    DAMONE, The alarm you fixed for me is working perfectly - now ! I have spoken to the experts who said that it could not be done , they were well impressed by the neat job, as i was, and i have passed
    on the cards that you sent to me.
    Many thanks,

    Danny .

  • Christos Aspris, Spain (Friday, June 28 13 07:38 pm BST)

    Hey Damone ,
    I got the display yesterday and it works like a CHARM!
    THANKS A LOT!. I'll put an excellent rating for you on ebay. Honestly i didn't expect such a good result. Well depending on what you are charging it's practically a steal ,from you. Saved me a lot of
    money thanks a bunch i'll recommend you to every Saab owner I know.

    May you have a prosperous business

    Thanks again,


  • Rob Stanley (Friday, June 28 13 07:34 pm BST)

    Hi Damone,
    I received the unit in the US last Thursday thanks, and I have sent my unit back to. Could you let me know when you get it,
    and when you then process the credit.
    I returned home to Australia this morning and could not wait to put it in to see what it says! It is absolutely fantastic and I just
    wanted to say that I am extremely happy with it, and also too, the service you provided to me and in expediting my order!

    Thanks again,

  • Karl Howe (Friday, June 28 13 07:33 pm BST)

    Hi Damone,

    I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service.

    You offer an excellent turnaround and the SID speaker is clear as a bell again and all pixels on the ACC are bright and all there for once.

    It was good talking to you about the SID and ACC problems and it is nice to deal with someone who is honest, straight forward and quite simply delivers.

    Many thanks,

  • Paul Belford (Friday, June 28 13 07:32 pm BST)

    Hi Damone

    Thanks very much indeed for the SID repair - it looks as good as new! I would also like to say well done for excellent customer service - prompt and friendly emails and phone calls, and an extremely
    quick turnaround: I posted it to you on Thursday afternoon and it is now back in the car fully working by 8.30am on Monday morning.

    Many thanks once again

    all the best


    (Shropshire, UK).

  • Stuart Phillips (Friday, June 28 13 07:32 pm BST)

    Hi Damone,
    The 9-3 panel arrived yesterday, fitted to customer's car today and all works well.
    Thank you for the prompt and efficient service.

  • TOM (Friday, June 28 13 07:31 pm BST)

    Hi Damone, sorry it so long for this appraisal to arrive, i had a few problems getting my wheel of after losing my wheel locking nut. All done now so here goes.
    What fantastic job Air Con display working perfectly. Buttons on C-D player working perfectly. Alarm siren now fitted and working properly. Last of all the SID display from the radio working
    perfectly after you had the honesty to show me how a SAAB repair franchise repaired it with two pieces of card that cost £237 YOUR COST FOR ALL 4 ITEMS £140 (A saving of over a thousand pound if all
    items were replaced at SAAB) To any SAAB owner with alarm or pixel problems go to SIDMASTER.
    If you prearrange you can drive down and pop into Newnham there is a lovely little coffee shop The George Inn with great source of the earth organic products , good luck and thanks Tom, Birmingham

  • Dave Brewin (Friday, June 28 13 07:29 pm BST)

    Dear Damone

    Thanks for the return of Sid's I have refitted them and they are both working fine. Thanks for the fantastic service.



  • GLENN STEWART (Friday, June 28 13 07:28 pm BST)




  • Hugo Brown (Friday, June 28 13 07:27 pm BST)

    I would just like to thank you for your amazing service!!

    I posted two units to you on Saturday and received the repaired units in the post this morning, Tuesday.

    Great to have the units working again!!


  • Kohoa (Sunday, May 20 12 12:38 pm BST)

    I received my ACC-unit. Works great. I recommeded you in Finnish SaabClub forum.
    They all have problems with their pixels...
    Thank you very much!! We have also second Saab in our family also missing few pixels.
    But not bad yet.

    Kind Regards


  • Peter VB (Sunday, May 20 12 12:37 pm BST)

    Hi Damone,

    Clock has arrived today.
    Thanks for the excellent transaction.
    Tonight I'm going to try to build the clock into the system.

    Best Regards,


  • Terence Evans (Sunday, May 20 12 12:31 pm BST)

    Hi Damone
    On Monday of this week I sent to you my SID 1 panel for repair. I was delighted to receive it back yesterday, Wednesday, serviced and in top condition. You were even prepared to carefully reuse my
    own packaging, thus helping to reduce the amount of packaging overall.
    An excellent, quick and efficient service.
    Many thanks

    Terence Evans

  • Kieran Breen (Sunday, May 20 12 12:30 pm BST)


    I received my SID yesterday.---working very well, great job, great service and speedy postage

    many thanks

    Kieran Breen

  • Peter Adams (Sunday, May 20 12 12:23 pm BST)


    I recently purchased through e-bay an alarm siren for my 9-5.
    The service and quality of the siren was exceptional.
    Many thanks.
    Are you interested in the Alarm Siren that was removed?

    Kind regards

    Peter Adams

  • Roy Tibbetts (Sunday, May 20 12 12:22 pm BST)

    Hi Damone,

    I received my Saab SID unit back from you today, having only posted it to you for repair on Monday!

    I just want to thank you for repairing the unit so well and so professionally - it's working great.

    Having had a bad experience with a dishonest ebay trader, it is so good to deal with a decent professional like you.

    So, many thanks and I wish you every success with your work.

    Best regards,


    (Edward) Roy Tibbetts

  • Mike (Sunday, May 20 12 12:21 pm BST)

    HI Damone

    Received my SID unit today and it works brilliant. Thanks for the exceptionally fast turn around and excellent service.



  • Tamas (Sunday, May 20 12 12:20 pm BST)

    Hi Damone,
    I had received the display the next day and installed it. It works great. It has been very nice working with you.

    Thank you,


  • Phil Waters (Sunday, May 20 12 12:20 pm BST)

    Hi Damone,

    Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks very much for the very impressive service on my recent

    two repairs. They were returned today (Saturday) and I only posted them on Thursday

    - which was a very pleasant surprise.

    Both are plugged back into the car and look perfect, so much better than they were!


    Phil Waters

  • Dave (Sunday, May 20 12 12:19 pm BST)

    HI Damone

    Thanks for the free advice - I was trying to reset everything while my car was in the garage!!

    Everything is now working fine and my displays are perfect - thanks for an excellent job.

    I cannot recommend you enough


  • Paul (Sunday, May 20 12 12:18 pm BST)

    Hello Damone,

    Units received and working perfectly. Many thanks for your professionalism.

    Will certainly recommend your services.

    Kind regards, Paul.

  • James Loveitt (Sunday, May 20 12 12:18 pm BST)


    Thank you so much for your great service. I was sure that the display
    on my ACC unit was beyond repair but it's back in 2 days and works
    beautifully. I'll be sending in my alarm siren soon!

    Best regards,

    James Loveitt.

  • Martin Crocombe (Sunday, May 20 12 12:17 pm BST)

    Hi Damone,

    Just wanted to say the service was great really quick. I fitted back in car in seconds set time and date and it looks great.

    I want to really recommend your service it's quick, straight forward and I should have done this years ago.

    I can now see the time again and also which radio station I'm listening too again.

    I have confidence that if I have issues that I don't expect too that it'll be fixed V quickly and without fuss.

    Thanks again.

    Good to do business with you.

    Best Regards
    Martin Crocombe

    Global Contributions Transition Manager

    Thomson Reuters