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Howard J Smith

Saab Repairs

What an excellent service, both SID and ACC like new, good to be able to see what\'s going in the 9-5 at last. Highly recommended, Saabs need to be well looked after, they aren\'t making them any
more :-(

Brian Moran

Saab Repairs

My ACC unit arrived today \'good as new\'. Congratulations on an excellent service.

In addition to the satisfaction of \'Saving the Planet\' by avoiding the unnecessary scrapping of units that the manufacturers deem to be \'non-repairable\', I have also saved cash. Win Win!

Having used your service 2 years ago for another car, I am delighted to find that the high standard of service continues. Keep up the great work!

Malcolm Ward

Jaguar Repairs

I was amazed to have the clock returned to me yesterday (you must have turned it round in a day) & I fitted it back into my old Jag this morning.

The clock is now working perfectly & its great to see the time again rather than a blank screen !!

I have noticed that the clock now has a brighter green display than my climate control screen above it (as you had indicated it would due to the use of LED lighting) but this doesn't bother me at

One would never know, unless one had seen it before, that Jaguar hadn't intended the clock display to be brighter in the first place.

Thank you so much for a fantastic repair service.

I will definitely recommend you to owners of similar cars as I think that most X300s will have this age related malfunction problem with their clocks by now.

With kind regards


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