Saab Removal Procedures


All of the Saab units are held in by a similar mode of fixing.

To remove your Panel you should use a flat bladed knife with some masking tape placed along the blade so as to protect the Panel and your dashboard. Do not use a sharp knife or screwdriver as you may well damage the plastics on and around the panel.

You should start by prying the right hand side of the panel from below and then slowly make your way across the panel to the other side. If it seems to be stubborn try the other side first. If it is stuck fast you can also remove the stereo with pointed removal tools and then pull the SID/ACC panel by hand from behind.

When the unit is out simply detach the multi-plug from the back or bottom by pinching the plastic tab and then pulling away from the panel gently. Please be aware that whilst your SID panel is removed your direction indicator click and car horn will NOT function. This will be restored when the panel is replaced.

Saab SID/ACC Removal

Removal of Alarm Siren

If you need to remove your Alarm Siren it is located under the wheel arch cover of the nearside front wheel. (passenger side) A 9-5 siren is in the front section of the inner wing. (you can cheat here by just loosening the front section of the arch liner !) A 9-3 siren is in the rear section of the inner wing. (you will probably need to remove the complete arch liner) In both cases the siren is held on by a 10mm nut and a 10mm bolt. The only other job is to remove the multi-plug from the unit.

The “Service Theft Alarm” or “Theft Protection Failure” message will be displayed until your refurbished siren is refitted. With the siren refitted you will need to lock and unlock the car to reset the system.

Jaguar Removal Procedures

Simply follow the video for removal of your Jaguar clock unit. Be careful as older plastics can become brittle with age.

Jaguar X300 Clock removal

BMW Removal Procedures



To remove a BMW MID unit, simply pull the volume knob off. Behind you will see a T10 torx screw or a 2mm hex screw and gently turning the screw to the left 1/4 turn will release the unit so that you can pull it forward and disconnect the multi-plug on the side of the MID.





To remove a BMW Speedo cluster unit simply remove the two cross head screws in the upper section of the cluster and then gently prise the unit down and forward to remove.

There are three multi-plug connectors that will need to be removed from the rear of the cluster.

The vehicle ignition should remain OFF while the cluster is removed.

Range Rover L322 Removal Procedures

Range Rover removal procedures are quite complex and in depth, so please consult a decent vehicle manual or specialist help. There are some helpful videos available on the internet.