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Jaguar X300 XJR/XJ6 LCD Clock 1994-1998

Jaguar X300 series LCD Clock



















We strip and clean the unit replacing the faulty Ribbon cable. We also replace the screen protector if necessary. We replace the two display bulbs with low power, low heat LED bulbs. The original display bulbs get very hot and are partly to blame for the failure of the unit. Our LED replacements are rich and vibrant in colour and will last upto 10000 hours ! The colour is very close to Original, although the LED will not dim as much as a standard bulb, they look far better...

All other bulbs will be replaced with new items. (Jaguar charge £8 each for these, a standard clock uses 5 or 7 bulbs)


Please note : If your LCD screen is black or has black patches it is beyond repair as the Liquid Crystal is leaking. A new screen is required, we can replace your screen at extra cost so please see our repair choices. 


Clock removal guide


Other Colour Options

We are also able to upgrade your LCD clock and ACC display (climate display) with Cool Blue or Cool Green LEDs.

This option would make sense if you have an after market Stereo system with Blue or Green LED lighting.

In this option we replace all of the original bulbs with modern LED strips and units.



 Costs are:


Climate Display upgrade: £30.


Plus Postage please enquire.

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