Frequently Asked Questions




Q- Are your services proven and reliable ?

A- Yes we have thousands of happy customers, please see our Testimonials page for a sample of our customer reviews. To date we have repaired around 5000 units.

Q- Will my car work without its SID/ACC panel ?

A- Yes, the Sid panel when removed will disable your horn and indicator audible click. If your Acc panel is removed your climate control will not operate. But that's it, all other functions are normal.

Q- Can I use my BMW/Range Rover without the Speedo cluster fitted ?

A- No, this would be illegal and could also cause recoding problems. Your ignition should remain off when the unit is removed until it is refitted.

Q- Can I use my BMW/Range Rover without the MID display fitted ?

A- Yes you can. You will lose your stereo control but all else will function as normal.

Q- Can I use my Jaguar without the clock unit fitted ?

A- Yes you can, everything else will function as normal although you will not have a hazard light facility.

Q- How can I pay ?

A-  Debit/Credit card / Paypal / Cheque or Postal order payable to Sidmaster or cash if sent with your unit by recorded delivery or in person.

Q- How long will it take ?

A- We usually repair and return your unit via Royal Mail recorded delivery within 24-48 hours of receiving it depending on workload and the type of repair.

Q- Is the repair guaranteed ?

A- Yes for as long as you own your vehicle, we offer a full guarantee on all our repairs as long they remain sealed. (Guarantee for the purchaser only)

Q- Do you repair all brands ?

A- We specialise in Saab and also now repair Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover and Jaguar units. The Saab brand is very familiar to us and one in which we have years of experience. We are always looking at the next age of problems to remedy a repair service.

Q- How should I pack my unit ?

A- Ideally you should use a small box and some loose fill polystyrene packing or at the minimum some bubble wrap or a decent padded envelope. You are after all sending a sensitive electronic device, so pack with care. Please check the Royal Mail website for packing sizes to save a few pounds...

Q- How should I send my unit ?

A- We recommend that you use Royal mail  Recorded delivery. This means the parcel can be tracked and is secure. We will return your parcel the same way.

Q- I would like to have my unit's repaired but I do have a few questions  first ?

A- That's fine. Please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email via the Contact us page.

Q- My unit has been previously bodged or DIY repaired, can you help ?

A- Normally yes! We can reinstate the information panel as long as the printed circuit board has not been damaged. We have a range of spares available and also a large range refurbished panels 'off the shelf' to purchase if your unit is not serviceable. Extra charges may apply in some cases so please enquire if you are unsure.

Q- Do you offer refunds or cancellations ?

A-  Yes, we are happy to refund any repairs that we cannot complete.

We are happy to cancel any orders that have not been started by us.

Postage will need to be paid by the customer if it is required.

We offer a 14 day return policy on units that we sell and a Lifetime Guarantee for the purchaser only.


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We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties


Please feel free to call Damone if you have any further questions on our products or services on 07580 171717.


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