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Missing pixels on your LCD display ?

Let us make them a thing of the past....


We use our wealth of experience and specialised repair & test equipment to complete our work. Do not take the risk of DIY or inferior repairers. 


Trust the Best Saab Repairers in the business.

We repair LCD displays for Saab, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes and Range Rover models.


Our cost and quality gives you excellent value for money as we guarantee all repairs for as long as you own them.


We are also International, serving throughout the globe.

A Full Guarantee on all repairs with new parts professionally fitted by us.


Welcome to Sidmaster.

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About us

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are experts in the field of automotive LCD repair. Here are some examples of the repairs we carry out. 

We repair Saab SID and ACC units. BMW MID and speedo cluster units.

Range Rover MID and speedo cluster units. Jaguar XJ6 XJS X300 clock units. Mercedes speedo cluster units.

We're looking forward to serving you!

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